Principal's Report

The final newsletter of the term, and what a very busy term it has been. Well done to all students on their commitment to their learning and attitude towards school. We look forward to opening up our classrooms on Thursday 27th from 2:30pm to have an informal sharing of learning from the term. Families are all welcome to attend. We will also be holding Parent/Teacher Interviews early in Term 3. Please keep an eye of for correspondence about this to be released next week.

Holiday Program

An email was sent out last from OSHC - bookings are now being taken for the second week of the July school holidays. The program runs from 8am - 5pm each day from Monday 8th July to Friday 12th July. Bookings are essential as there are limited spaces. Please email [email protected] if you would like to book your child/ren in.


Well done to all students for their participation and effort throughout the gymnastics program. What a great opportunity for our students to venture to YMCA North Geelong, supported through the Sporting Schools program. Check out the photos below!

2025 Enrolments

Enrolments are now open for 2025 - if you know of any 2025 students who are planning on attending Anakie PS in 2025, please encourage them to contact the school to organise a tour and grab an enrolment pack.

DATES TO COME - also in the calendar

Monday 24th June - GSODA Performance - Little Mermaid - Whole School
Wednesday 26th June - Marine Life Incursion (F-4)
Friday 28th June - Last day of term 2 - 2:30pm finish
Monday 8th - Friday 12th July - School Holiday Program
Monday 15th July - First day of Term 3
Thursday August 15th - Hands On Science Incursion (more info to come)

Thank you and have a wonderful school holidays. I will be on Long Service Leave for the first week of Term 3. Simon will be Acting Principal in my absence, and we have got Ms H (Evalina) taking the Grade 3/4 class for the week. I look forward to seeing everyone on my return in Week 2.

Louise Kahle

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have received an award for demonstrating our values over the past fortnight:

FOUNDATION: Alice Jackson - For always trying your best in writing and for showing great resilience in UFLI when learning to say the sounds to write the word. Keep up the great work Alice!

GRADE 1/2: Zara Bianchi-Piera - Well done Zara for aiming for EXCELLENCE in your writing. You put in an amazing effort into making your prefixes flip book working to the best of your ability. You showed great RESILIENCE in sharing your work in front of our class confidently. Well done Zara!

GRADE 3/4: Ruby Watts - For displaying the school value of Excellence in regards to her academic achievements so far this year. Congratulations, Ruby, on this well-deserved recognition. A superb effort!

GRADE 5/6: Texan Krieg - Texan, you work hard in each Maths lesson to understand new concepts, improve your fact fluency and seek out new challenges to extend yourself and your learning. You have also embraced the Kids in Space program with enthusiasm. Keep it up, Tex!

Lochlan Stewart - For demonstrating Responsibility in the classroom. Lochlan, you complete the morning routine without reminders or fuss, use timed breaks responsibly and have substantially improved your completion of home Reading and Maths nights. Well done, Lochlan!

ART: Ryder Bevans - For showing Persistence with your ‘Cool Koala’ guided drawing. It was great to see you showing a ‘Can Do’ attitude and sticking at the task. Keep up the great work!

AUSLAN: Luca Ellery - For Aiming For Excellence with your AUSLAN project to create a fabulous activity. You worked co-operatively and inclusively with your group and spoke and listened in a respectful way. Amazing job!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Keegan Bubb - For participating in P.E. sessions with a positive attitude and always putting in your best effort. You are consistently fair, inclusive and kind to your peers and teachers. Well done!

STEPHANIE ALEXANDER KITCHEN GARDEN PROGRAM: For being a responsible member of our kitchen garden team while making Pasta Carbonara. You were enthusiastic during the whole cooking process and went above and beyond to help with clean up at the end of the session. Keep up the great work Charlize!

PRINCIPAL'S AWARD: Lakai Barclay - for showing resilience and responsibility with your learning this fortnight. You have adapted to changes and made great progress. Keep up the wonderful effort!

Wellbeing Updates

Just a reminder that Tuning Into Kids will be running straight after assembly on Monday.

Please click on this link to access the 2024 Term 3 Regional Parenting Calendar