Principal's Report

Dear Families,

Welcome back to what is shaping up to be a busy but fun Term 3. It has been great to see the students returning to school so settled. I have enjoyed catching up with many students, both in their classrooms and out in the yard, and hearing about some of the things that they did during their holidays. A reminder to our families that we will be holding Parent/Teacher Interviews in week 3. This will provide families the opportunity to discuss the report and progress from the first half of the year. Parents and carers will need to book a time through Compass. A notification was sent out via the Compass platform last term.

Behaviour Curriculum

During the latter half of Term 2, the Anakie teaching staff worked hard to develop a curriculum of common behaviours and routines that will foster a predictable, calm, and orderly school environment for all students. The first week back this term saw the implementation of some of those common behaviours and routines, such as lining up, transitioning between learning spaces, responsible use of school facilities, and respectful listening.

Late Arrivals & Early Departures

Parents and guardians must now sign students both in and out at reception through our Compass Kiosk. Please see either Louise, Simon, or Karen if you have any questions about this.

2025 Enrolments

Enrolments are now open for 2025 - if you know of any 2025 students who are planning on attending Anakie PS in 2025, please encourage them to contact the school to organise a tour and grab an enrolment pack.

DATES TO COME - also in the calendar

Thursday August 8th - Andy Griffiths’s Adventures Unlimited: The Land of Lost Things! Book launch Webinar (grades 3-6)

Friday August 9th - Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion (more info to come)

Tuesday August 13th - Grade 5/6 Gordon TAFE excursion

Wednesday August 14th - Grade 5/6 Ecolinc excursion

Thursday August 15th - Hands on Science incursion (all grades, more info to come)

Monday August 19th - Book Week parade (more info to come)

Thursday August 22nd - Ecolinc excursion (grades F-2)

Best Regards,

Simon King

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have received an award for demonstrating our values over the past fortnight:


Sophie Dollan

For always being a positive and resilient learner during our daily reading and writing sessions. Keep up the great work Sophie!

GRADE 1/2:

Jaxon Brown

Well done Jaxon for beginning term 3 with a positive mindset and striving for Excellence. You have been jumping into tasks with enthusiasm which has enabled you to extend your thinking. You have also embraced our new whole-school Behaviour Curriculum with respect and sincerity, modelling expectations for your peers. Keep up the great work, Jaxon!

GRADE 3/4:

Sullivan Heskett

For your positive attitude towards the beginning of term 3. As well as his responsibility towards his learnings and classroom contributions. You're a superstar Sully!

GRADE 5/6:

Reeve Spalding

Reeve, you approach each task with enthusiasm and energy, Aiming for EXCELLENCE in all that you do. This is best demonstrated with your additional historical diorama that you made at home, because you were interested! On top of this, you are a good friend to everyone; treating your fellow students, teachers and staff with RESPECT at all times.


F - Charlotte Capuano

1/2 - Danny Hruska

3/4 - Chloe Bui

5/6- Quinn Heskett